Film and the Arts in Symbiosis (1988)

Film and the Arts in Symbiosis book cover
This book examines the key relationships and abundant interconnections between motion pictures and radio, television, video art, the new media technologies, literature, theatre, painting, the graphic arts, photography, classical music, and popular music.

It takes an exploratory, yet systematic look at the interdisciplinary nature of the film medium and both highlights and comprehensively describes and analyzes this multi-faceted tradition.

Film and the Arts in Symbiosis: A Resource Guide. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1988.
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Popular Music & Society
"This collection is a solid resource on the growing synergism taking place in the media arts."
"The essays are carefully written and provide an overview of the development of film, its borrowings from other media, and its influence on other media . . . each of the essayists reveals considerable knowledge of both the film and the particular art under discussion."
Reference Quarterly
"Film and the Arts in Symbiosis is an interesting collection of readable essays . . . This is a unique and valuable anthology, providing well-written and well-edited essays that may well be used as course readings."