Hear Say with Cathy Lewis

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Are Smartphone Killing the Video Star? (And TV, too?)

Smartphones and computers are more than technology tools - they are rapidly becoming the go-to delivery channel for television programs, movies and even live events. On Tuesday's program, we take a look our changing television viewing habits. We'll look at how the TV entertainment experience is changing as we take our hand-held devices on the road. And we'll look at how television producers and networks are adapting (or not adapting!) to that change.

Scheduled Guests:

Ed Sykes - leadership, motivational and career expert with The Sykes Group, and author of "JumpStart Your Greatness: Secrets, Tools, and Tips for Achieving Success in the 21st Century"

Professor Gary Edgerton, Eminent Scholar, Professor, and Chair of the Communication and Theatre Arts Department at Old Dominion University