Here Comes the 24/7 World: What We Can Learn From Television

Even with the astronomical rise of the Internet over the last decade, television is still the centerpiece of culture for most Americans. The average U.S. household keeps the TV set turned on 8 hours and 11 minutes a day in 2005. In addition, computer use (the combination of web browsing, e-mail, and software interactions) is up to 3 hours and 6 minutes a day. Media consumption in general is currently the number one daily activity in the United States (more so than work, school, or even sleep). The superabundance of media in the digital era is truly unprecedented, and so is the challenge that it poses. More than anything else, living in a world of digital media means coping with a diversity of new situations and being able to negotiate that world with the widest possible repertoire of communication skills and technologies.